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DHS Hurricane King

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World Champion #1 player WANG LIQIN's Special Weapon!!!

* Weight: 87-91 g
* ply: 5 Wood
* Thickness: 5.5mm
* Speed: OFF++

Outstanding control blade, exquisite and stable hit at near-table. Super power at long-table invincibly. Extra thin structure + Extra light body

The blade emphasizes on hand feeling as well as super speed. It's easier to control it. The material for each ply is selected from the best wood so that the blade will have best performance. The wood of core has super energy as well as control. The enough rigidity woodiness is gene of acute speed of blade. Unique new glue adopting counter-infiltration technique reduces the elasticity loss of timber. There is a supplement between wood and glue each other and it just is mystery of Hurricane King blades' difference from other blades.

Performance: On table: Low and short arc and high speed while drop shot on table. It's easy to create spin on drop shot and chopping long ball. Near table: Outstanding attacking performance at near table. Higher rate of hitting target for steady arc. Middle-long table: Acute hand-feeling and enough power at medium-long table. High speed and perfect arc.

  • Model: dhs-hking
  • Shipping Weight: 1.7lbs
  • Manufactured by: DHS