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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policies

All shipping charge quoted on the website does not include insurance. We make every effort to ensure the package get shipped are in good shape when we tender it to shipper. If you would like to make sure your package is insured, please make sure you send us an email and tell us you like the package to be insured. There will be extra charge for the insurance plus a small nominal fees to cover credit card processing fee.

Refunds / Order Cancellations

There will be a small fees for any cancellations, partial cancellations or refunds. The fee will be 6 percent (6%) of the total value to be partially refunded, refunded or cancelled.

This is to cover administrative costs associated with processing credit cards & their repayments.

So please make sure you are satisfied before placing your orders. We will gladly help you in any ways possible to make your decisions.

Return Policies

We do not provide warranties outside that of the manufacturer's own warranty.

We make great effort to ensure that goods dispatched are not damaged. Any goods that are damaged or lost on transit are beyond our responsibility. It will be customer's responsibility to file a claim with the shipper and we would provide help if necessary.